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About Us


Realslow Recovery, LLC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed in April of 2017 by Sara and Michael Rissolo with the mission to provide safe, affordable, and supportive housing for all people to live and grow in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. 

On June 11, 2017 Realslow Recovery, LLC opened its first recovery residence known as The Gratitude House in Easton, Maryland. The Gratitude House is an M-SARR and M-CORR certified recovery residence with the capacity for 10 men. By combining the latest in substance-abuse recovery research and evidence-based practice an innovative and successful program never before seen in the mid-shore region was implemented. The Gratitude House has been so successful at providing men with the structure and support needed to achieve recovery the house has had record low turnover and maintains a 96% capacity rate.

After almost a year of providing the means for men on the mid-shore region to recover and become responsible, productive members of society it was clear the organization needed to grow. Men aren’t the only ones in need- women need a Gratitude House, too. The ‘formula’ for success of The Gratitude House for Men is multi-faceted and was translated into The Gratitude House for Women exactly one year later: 

  • Location: The Gratitude House is located in a central location within walking distance to medical providers, the Health Department, Mental Health services, jobs, and 12-step meetings 7 days a week. Distance and transportation is not an impediment to receiving necessary services for substance-abuse recovery.
  • Family Environment: The Gratitude House is spacious enough for all residents to live comfortably. The house functions like a family with chore assignments, family meals, and group activities. It’s nearly impossible to feel isolated or lonely in the house. 
  • Experience of Management: The Directors and Management have a combined over 50 years in long-term recovery. Their lived experience gives them credibility and respect from the residents. 
  • Community Support: Members of the board are active in the local community and provide opportunities for growth and support to The Gratitude House and its residents. 
  • Evidence-Based Programming: Studies have shown what leads to long-term recovery from substance abuse and extensive research by the Clinical Director, Sara,  has led to a synthesis of these concepts:
    • Structure: the house has many rules, or ‘limits with love’
    • Level system to encourage recovery seeking activities 
    • Zero tolerance for drug use
    • Weekly check-ins and monthly goal setting
    • Emphasis on becoming self-sufficient and productive member of society
    • Care-centered environment emphasizing community
  • Child Friendly: The most innovative aspect of The Gratitude House is the family-friendly environment that supports and encourages the residents to have relationships with their children and families. Children are allowed to visit and even have overnight stays with their parents. Many family-centered events are held throughout the year to model and support healthy parent-child relationships. 

Photo credit Peter Howard Photography

Photo credit Peter Howard Photography